Dashing CM Bharath Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Released Now in Cinemas

Dashing CM Bharath Hindi Dubbed Original Version Released Now in Cinemas
Dashing CM Bharath Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Released Now in Cinemas

Finally, the long wait is over for Mahesh Babu fans as today Bharat Ane Nenu Hindi Dubbed Version released in cinemas. Dashing CM Bharath will be the new title of the dubbed version. Dashing CM Bharath is official Hindi dubbed by Cinekorn entertainment. Mahesh Babu fans were waiting for Hindi Dubbed of this film from long and this is very good news for them.

Earlier Rg entertainment released Bharat Ane Nenu Hindi dub as Bharat The Great Leader which has low-quality dubbing. Fans were complaining after the release of Bharat The Great Leader but we found that was a pirated version. Later, RG entertainment also deleted the movie from their youtube channel.

Talking about latest version film released in selected cities for now but makers planning to release in more cities from next week. Right now film released in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kanpur, Surat, and Jodhpur. We hope Cinekorn will release this film in more small cities of North India as Mahesh Babu have a big fan following in North India and Nepal.

Dashing CM Bharath Hindi Dubbed Bookmyshow Release

Dashing CM Bharath was dubbed in Ultra Studio for Cinekorn. Mahesh Babu Hindi dubbed voice given by Vallabh sir who also gives voice to Nagarjuna in a film.

Dashing CM Bharath TV Premiere:

Bharat Ane Nenu Hindi dubbed version titled Dashing CM Bharath. Film Hindi dubbing right bought by Cinekorn Entertain with Zee Network association. So Zee Cinema will premiere this movie anytime in December. The earlier news came that Zee Network bought TV rights which looks half as Both Cinekorn and Zee Network sharing rights of the movie.

Dashing CM Bharath Youtube Premiere:

As we told Cinekorn entertainment bought dubbing rights and Cinekorn will also upload the movie on youtube channel. We can assume Youtube premiere after television premiere.

Dashing CM Bharath Movie Story:

Bharat Ram which is played by Mahesh is a brilliant student and graduates with his 5th degree from Oxford. Bharat got news that his father also Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Raghava Raju has died from a stroke. Bharat Ram came back home in a flight and think about his past life.

At arrival, Bharat is greeted by an onslaught of camera flashes. After the final rituals, Bharat learns that there is chaos in the party. The next day, Bharat drives the car for a casual ride and experiences silence in streets. Finally, he becomes the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and tries to end corruption in the state.

How Bharat Ram tackles enemies and removes corruption from the system forms the rest of the story. Meanwhile, Bharat falls in love Vasumathi (Kiara Advani).

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